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You probably don’t need us to tell you that you need to write a Will.

There are many reasons why a Will is very important, from protecting property, appointing guardians for your children, making sure loved ones, friends and charities receive something upon your death.

Besides this, a Will is also the foundation to all good financial and estate planning.


With Goddard Dunbar it’s simple, cost effective and your wishes are dealt with in a friendly and sympathetic manner.

3 easy stages:

  1. Call us or Email to make an appointment. (Home appointments are available)
  2. During our meeting we will give you all the advice you require and record your instructions for the drafting of your Will
  3. Once you have approved the draft copy of your Will, arrangements will be made for it to be signed and witnessed

And that’s it, peace of mind that you have a Will professionally drafted


So, here’s our basic fee structure:

  • One Simple Will                        £125 plus vat (£150)
  • Two Simple Wills                      £200 plus vat (£240)

Simple Wills include appointing Executors, guardians, funeral wishes, leaving a few simple gifts, and distributing the remainder of your estate


Price Examples of more complex Wills;

Example 1:

Mr S has two children, following a family argument he hasn’t seen one child for over 20 years. Mr S wishes to exclude this child from inheriting.

Our fees for his Will, an exclusion clause within his Will and preparing a letter of the reasons why he is excluding the child;

£175.00 plus vat (£210)


Example 2:

Mr & Mrs B own a house, they have three children, they want a Will which states that when one of them dies the deceased half share of the house goes into trust for the children, but the surviving spouse has the right to live in the house for life.

Following the first death, if the surviving spouse remarries or goes into a care home then the deceased’s share of the house is secured for the children.

Our fees for their Wills, the trust clauses within their Wills and to change the ownership of their house to tenants in common (so they own it 50/50).

£450 plus vat (£540) – plus a Land Registry fee of £3.00



Most importantly, whether you have simple wishes for your Will, or if you have a very complicated financial or family set up, we have the knowledge and experience to advise you and prepare your Will.

Besides that, it’s also cost effective.


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