About LPAs

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal tool that allows you to appoint someone to make certain decisions on your behalf. The appointed person can manage your finances for you in the future if you reach a point where you are no longer able to make decisions for yourself. They can also make decisions relating to your health and welfare. This person is referred to as your attorney.

There are two different types of LPA: property and affairs LPA and health and welfare LPA. Each type covers different decisions and there are separate application forms for each. You can choose to make both types, or just one. You can have the same attorney for both, or you can have different attorneys.

  • Lasting power of attorney Inclusive of VAT

  • Registration Fee per document if Applicable – £82

Property and Affairs LPA – £240

A property and affairs LPA covers decisions about your finances and property. If there comes a time when you can’t manage your finances anymore, the attorney will do this for you. This can include paying your bills, collecting your income and benefits, or selling your house. However, if you wish to, you can restrict their powers, or place conditions on what they can do. It can only be used once it has been registered at the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG). The OPG is responsible for the registration of LPAs.

Health and welfare LPA – £240

A health and welfare LPA allows the attorney to make decisions on your behalf about your health and welfare, if there comes a time when you are unable to make these decisions for yourself. A health and welfare attorney could make decisions about where you live, for example, or day-to-day care including your diet and what you wear.

You can also give your health and welfare attorney the power to accept or refuse life-sustaining treatment on your behalf.

A health and welfare LPA can only be used once the form is registered at the OPG and you are in a position where you don’t have the mental capacity to make decisions about your own welfare.

LPA’s can be combined as follows:

Property & Affairs and health & Welfare – £480

Property & affairs and Health & welfare (Couple) £720

Benefits of making an LPA with Goddard Dunbar

There are a number of reasons you may wish to make an LPA:

  • It can be reassuring to know that, if you are unable to make a decision for yourself in the future, your chosen person will make these decisions for you.

  • Friendly, empathetic, and professional service at fixed rate fees

  • The Goddard Dunbar LPA adopts simple easy to understand process by an experienced solicitor, we deal with the Office of the Public Guardian on your behalf.

  • Making an LPA ensures that the person you want to make decisions for you will be able to do so. This prevents a stranger, or someone you may not trust, from having this power.

  • An LPA can reduce problems that may occur in the future. It is much more expensive and time-consuming for family or friends to try to gain a similar power from the Court of Protection in the future.

  • Making an LPA can help prompt discussions with your family or others about your future wishes.

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