At Goddard Dunbar we have two mental health first aiders Hannah Stazaker and Sarah Thomason. Mental health takes precedence here at Goddard Dunbar, we recognise the importance of offering support to our colleagues.

When asked about the importance of having mental health first aiders in the workplace, Director Hannah expressed, “Mental ill health can impact anyone at any time. I aspire to be a pillar of support for my colleagues, ready to assist and guide them if the need arises. It’s crucial to confront the stigmas surrounding mental health issues and promote a work environment where open and candid discussions about mental well-being are encouraged.”

Sarah said, “We are a point of contact for an employee experiencing a mental health issue or emotional distress. I became a mental health first aider because I enjoy helping people and dislike seeing someone sad or troubled.”

Rather than scheduling a meeting in the conference room, we encourage our staff to opt for a walking meeting. Whether it’s a stroll around the building, along the canal, or up the road, we believe in stepping out of the workspace to enjoy some fresh air.